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1 any cone-shaped artifact
2 a shape whose base is a circle and whose sides taper up to a point [syn: conoid, cone shape]
3 cone-shaped mass of ovule- or spore-bearing scales or bracts [syn: strobilus, strobile]
4 visual receptor cell sensitive to color [syn: cone cell, retinal cone] v : make cone-shaped; "cone a tire"

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From conus "cone, wedge, peak," from κώνος (konos) "cone, spinning top, pine cone"


  1. A surface of revolution formed by rotating a segment of a line around another line that intersects the first line.
  2. A solid of revolution formed by rotating a triangle around one of its altitudes.
  3. A space formed by taking the direct product of a given space with a closed interval and identifying all of one end to a point.
  4. Anything shaped like a cone.
  5. The fruit of a conifer.
  6. An ice cream cone.
  7. A unit of volume, applied solely to marijuana and only while it is in a smokable state; roughly 1.5 cubic centimetres, depending on use.
  8. Any of the small cone-shaped structures in the retina.



surface of revolution
solid of revolution
anything shaped like a cone
ice-cream cone
fruit of conifers
  • Czech: šiška
  • French: cône
  • German: Zapfen
  • Russian: шишка
  • Polish: szyszka
photosensitive cell in retina
  • Czech: čípek
  • Russian: колбочка

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  1. In the context of "pottery": To fashion into the shape of a cone.





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A cone (from the Greek κῶνος, Latin conu) is a basic geometrical shape; see cone (geometry).
Cone may also refer to:
  • Conifer cone, a seed-bearing organ on conifer plants
  • Cone cell, in anatomy, a type of light-sensitive cell found along with rods in the retina of the eye
  • Cone snail, a carnivorous molluscs of the family Conidae
  • Elizabethan collar, a cone-shaped collar worn by pets
  • Ice cream cone, an edible container in which ice cream is served, shaped like an inverted cone open at its top
  • Pyrometric cone, in ceramic manufacture, a contolled mixture of minerals used to gauge the extent of firing
  • Traffic cone, a brightly colored cone-shaped plastic object commonly used as a temporary traffic barrier or warning sign
  • Skid cone, a cone like object place before a log in forrestry
  • Volcanic cone, a mountain formed by material ejected from a volcanic vent
  • A type of optical fiber that tapers almost to a point
  • The part of a loudspeaker that moves the air, creating sound waves constantly
  • A colloquial Australian term for cannabis, most commonly a bong load or 'bowl' of cannabis
  • In cartography, a type of projection; see map projection
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acoustical network, ament, capacitor speaker, capitulum, catkin, coaxial speaker, complex cone, conelet, conoid, cop, cornet, corymb, crossover network, cyme, diaphragm, dynamic speaker, earphone, electrodynamic speaker, electromagnetic speaker, electrostatic speaker, excited-field speaker, full-fidelity speaker, funnel, head, headphone, headset, high-fidelity speaker, high-frequency speaker, horn, ice-cream cone, loudspeaker, low-frequency speaker, midrange speaker, monorange speaker, moving-coil speaker, panicle, permanent magnet speaker, pine cone, raceme, spadix, speaker, speaker system, speaker unit, spike, spikelet, strobile, thyrse, triaxial speaker, tweeter, umbel, verticillaster, voice coil, woofer
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